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What is Trip Hopping?

What's worse than a tourist sitting alone in a hotel room? Half a million tourists sitting alone in half a million hotel rooms. And believe it or not, this would be the stark reality if each one of you hadn't stood up in raw defiance and said "FIE, YE GODS OF HOMOGENEITY! A POX UPON SOLITUDE!" (or, you know, "I'm bored"). We're here to meet one another, throw out social barriers and bridge cultural differences. And that's anything but boring.

Trip Hopping helps you find the best way to get where you're going and connect with people along the way. Once you're there, Trip Hopping will set you up with your choice of activities, hosts, hostels or hotels. Basically, we want to make traveling as easy, accessible and intuitive as it should be. Whether you have tons of money or a pocket full of lint, TripHopping.com has what you need - everything from flight information to hitchhiking tips, hotels to couchsurfing hosts. Anyone can add travel tips about regional bus systems, best spots to hitchhike, cool spots to check out or other creative ways to help you get where you're going. Trip Hopping is here to help you sort through the tough spots and unearth those rare opportunities you would never find otherwise.

Once you create a profile you can share stories with your friends, they can see pictures, videos, and blogs of your adventure and see where you are off to next. Everyone has their own map showing their travels, so you can see who is close by and where your friends are headed next.

When you get to your destination you can search for people who will welcome you into their lives, give you a comfy place to sleep, and maybe even show you around the city.

While we help you find couches, rides, and good times, we also know lots of other sites do the same thing. Consider us your one stop shop connecting all of these sites, where members can share links to other great resources like Craigslist, Couchsurfing, and Hitchwiki. Couchsurfing.com, for example, is an incredible way to find a couch in almost any town in the world. If you can't find a couch on TripHopping, you'll see links to sites like that so you can keep on truckin'.

How it started

Kenny Flannery

In the summer of 2007 Kenny Flannery fit what he could into his backpack and decided to become "Hobo 2.0". The 2.0 bit was added since Kenny was going to use the internet as a way of sharing his travels on his website using videos, pictures, and stories. The site was first called HoboLifestyle.com.

While HoboLifestyle.com started as a personal blog, it evolved to include a map of Kenny's travels and more. Eventually Kenny added a travel feature so people could see all the different ways to get from one place to another, and then thought it could be cool if other travelers could create profiles and share their own stories, maps, post rides, meet friends...

Larry Streech

Kenny hitchhiked to Phoenix where he couchsurfed with Larry Streech, a veteran Couchsurfing host. They got to talking about Hobo Lifestyle, and soon the ideas caught fire. Working together, they came up with a new name and direction for the site. Trip Hopping was born.

Since then Trip Hopping has gone through a lot of changes. It just keeps getting better as the website evolves with new ways to help people move around this big marble. Our changes emerge straight from the heart of our community - that's you - so get involved, share your feedback, and get in touch if you want to volunteer. Our lifestyle starts from the heart... and it can take you anywhere.

More folks hopping on board

Laura Gamse

Laura Gamse: communication, ideas, video. Laura met Kenny at the CouchSurfing Collective in Alaska. She's a Fullbright Scholar who's been working on documentaries.

Kasper Souren

Kasper Souren: coding, server administration. Kasper had already been interested in Trip Hopping for a while when he met Kenny in 2011 and started doing some code improvement

Walter Heck

Walter Heck: database support, server administration.

We can definitely want to work with more people, especially web coders. Contact us if you're interested!

Verified Members

The Trip Hopping community operates on a common currency of trust in our fellow traveler. Interpersonal bonds our community what it is, and we're working all the time to make that network larger and stronger.

By getting verified, you help keep TripHopping alive. The financial contribution that you make when you get verified helps us expand TripHopping's functionality and services. Verification also helps our community stay safe. By confirming your name and address, you show other Trip Hoppers that you are who you say you are. This simple gesture strengthens the network of trust that allows TripHopping to function.

Besides helping people find the coolest ways to travel, we want to change the way people think. As a community, we can create the world we envision, from the inside out. The adventure of a rideshare and the friendships that can be made on the road can be life changing, instilling trust and dispelling our society's overgrown fear of strangers. On top of that, it just makes sense. If every ride picked up one person, we could seriously reduce pollution, increase connections, and at the end of the day, come home with a lot more understanding of each other.

Get verified here.


Want to help make Trip Hopping awesome? There's a lot of ways to do so, check out our Brew page.

Contact Info


Shoot me an email for any reason... just to say hi, questions, suggestions, problems with the site, whatever ya need. Good times.

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